You've been to the doctor and had your blood drawn, and your sample has been sent “off to the lab” for some tests. You know your doctor and you've met the phlebotomist who drew your blood sample, but have you ever wondered who will actually receive your sample and conduct the prescribed tests?

       There are a variety of skilled and educated laboratory professionals who, as a patient, you may never see face-to-face. However, these individuals play a very important role in your health care. People working in the clinical lab are responsible for conducting tests that provide crucial information for detecting, diagnosing, treating, and monitoring disease. They use specialized equipment and techniques to analyze patients' samples, such as blood, urine, body tissue, and stool. They may be working in the lab located in the hospital, clinic, or physician's office where you are being treated or they may be at a reference lab located hundreds or perhaps thousands of miles away.

       Because they produce the results that impact the health care you receive, laboratory professionals are specially educated and trained for the functions they perform and, in most cases, have certification for their position. Those in supervisory roles, with extensive training and many years of experience, oversee the testing being performed in the lab. They also ensure that strict quality control and quality management systems are followed. With ACL Diagnostics, You can be confident in our ebility to process your specimen, perform the tests, and report accurate results. Because, We keep quality standards for lab tesing to ensure the results are accurate, reliable, and timely.

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We have captured mindset of people by providing 100% quality services. The Objective have been achieved by :

* World class equipments.
* High quality re-agents.
* Strict internal and external quality control    programmes.
* Well qualified and dedicated professional.
* Latest technology to world standard.
* Courteous and responsible staff members


We assess emerging technologies and is quick to adopt the ones that can enhance the ability to select the right compounds for further development or that can be used to create new and better diagnostic tests. New technologies and areas of research are the basis for today's and tomorrows medicine.
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